After having received the components produced externally (dial and hands) and having produced the case in-house we have assembled the first mock-up of the Funder Måne which validates its technical construction.

In this video you can see how the module works and how it opens and closes, clicking into place.

We are extremely pleased by the result and also by the design of this unique watch!

The Måne is currently in small batch production, you can reserve and configure it (by choosing module, case and strap) in the Watch Angels store

Text by Gisbert Brunner, curator and Watch Angels community advisor for the Watch Angels B-Uhr project

Military observation wristwatches

Observation watches are precision instruments that were mainly used by the military, research institutions, and air and seafaring to monitor and compare time.

They could be designed as pocket or wrist watches.

Like the seafaring, whom required clocks that were as accurate as possible to determine the geographical longitude on…

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